My good friend, Pastor Don, suggested I meet with CarrieAnne. I was unaware that someone like CarrieAnne existed…someone who was an independent practitioner that would give an honest assessment without any association with any insurance company. In other words, analyze my insurance package with the main objective to make any improvements for cost savings and improved coverage.

Meeting with CarrieAnne fully accomplished my goal. Her generous time spent to review my insurance portfolio was greatly appreciated and highly recommended.

Bill B.

Idaho Medical Savings Account

What is an MSA?

An Idaho MSA (medical savings account) is a bank account that helps you save money on healthcare costs & plan for your future! It accomplishes these things by directly reducing your taxable income for every dollar you put into the MSA on the Idaho State level.

You can use your MSA money tax-free to pay for medical expenses like premiums, co-pays, dental visits & hospital bills. The money you don’t spend rolls over each year & earns tax-free interest on the State level. You can even pull the money out for retirement at age 59.5!

Who Can Have One?

The MSA is flexible, and almost everyone can have one! It has no insurance requirements or age restrictionsSo no matter if you’re employed, unemployed or retired – or insured, uninsured or on Medicare…you can have an Idaho MSA!

How Much Can I Put In It?

Annual contribution limits are based on your tax filing status in Idaho.

For Individual Tax Filers:  $10,000/year

For Joint Tax Filers:  $20,000/year

Everything you put into the Idaho MSA (whether you spend it or not) is deductible.  Unspent funds simply roll over year after year, building a balance towards future healthcare spending or supplemental retirement income.

What Can I Do With The Money?

That’s entirely up to you, and that’s the beauty of the Idaho MSA. You can spend it tax-free on premiums & medical bills, or you can save it & earn tax-free interest to use as retirement income. You own your MSA, and you’re free to use it however it most benefits the healthcare needs for you and your family.

Where Can I Open My MSA?

You can open your Idaho MSA by clicking the button below!

Open and Idaho MSA account